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Striving For Change

Dufferin Lived Experience Collective (DLEC) is an independent, social organization working to address Poverty, and Homelessness in Dufferin County.

Work With Us To Address Poverty In Dufferin County

We're engaging with the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, as well as those with living experiences of poverty, to build on the suggestions shared through our Policy Briefs. As a community, we can end poverty in Dufferin and release the hold of poverty on those who are trying to make ends meet.  As a community initiative, DLEC supports different projects. We expect the findings to be useful to policymakers and practitioners.


For more information about DLEC and how we support community development, please visit our Contact page and reach out.

Food Donation Volunteers
Image by Rémi Walle
Image by Joel Muniz
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