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Cookies Policy

What Is a Cookie?

Cookies are tiny data blocks that are created by our web servers as you browse a website and stored on your computer or other device by your web browser. They can assist us in remembering and constructing a picture of your interactions with our website during both your first and subsequent visits. Cookies are placed on your device are used to access a website, it may be possible that more than one cookie may be placed on your device during a session.

How Do We Use Cookies

  • In order to enhance your experience of our site, we employ cookies in a variety of ways, such as:

    • Recognizing how you utilize our website
      presenting you with material that is pertinent to you
      displaying goods and services to you that are pertinent to you.

    • Collaborating with partners to provide you with pertinent advertisements (Where and If and Applicable).
      We go into greater depth about how we utilize cookies and related technology on our websites in the following section.

Other organizations can also collect user information on our sites through cookies, pixels and tags.   Web beacons, tags, and pixels are similar to cookies in that they gather information through embedded images.

Other organizations can assist us in conducting usage analyses, counting website visits, and displaying advertisements by using cookies and other technology. The Dufferin Lived Experience Collective (DLEC) shares information about you with others through cookies, tags, pixels, and other web beacons in order to to communicate information about you to others.

The term "first-party cookie" refers to cookies used by Dufferin Lived Experience Collective (DLEC), and the term "third-party cookie" refers to cookies used by our partners. Due to the way cookies function, neither our website's cookies from third parties nor the data they contain may be accessed by other organizations. It is beyond the control of Dufferin Lived Experience Collective (DLEC) to regulate the privacy and cookie policies of third-party websites. For additional information about their cookies and how to control them, please visit the third-party websites.

The sections that follow provide more information about both varieties of cookies.

What Types Of Cookies Do We Use?

  • Cookies that are necessary to deliver the services you have requested are classified as necessary cookies. By enabling fundamental features like page navigation and access to secure portions of the website, they aid in making a website usable. Without these cookies, the website will not operate properly.


  • Performance and Statistics – Cookies used for performance and statistics track how frequently and how you use our websites. We utilise this data to better understand how people interact with our content and to make site improvements that will enhance the user experience. We track, for instance, which of our pages are most frequently visited and by what categories of people. Third-party cookies are also used by us to improve performance. For instance, the Google Analytics cookie informs us of your page-to-page navigation and whether you have downloaded anything (details of how to opt out of it are below).


  • Marketing: These are cookies that are used to track information about your visit to our site, such as the pages you viewed, the links you clicked on, your IP address, and the browser and device you used. We've provided further information on this below.

How To Manage Cookies

Using the procedures outlined here, you can manage how cookies, including advertising cookies, are used on our sites and turn off the sharing of data with partners for promotional purposes.

Information on how to reject cookies offered by our major partners can be found below:


You can switch some cookies off through the Your Online Choices site.  You might have to repeat this each time you use a different IP address, device, or virtual private network. You can also change and adjust the plug-in or global privacy option that should be notified to users via your browser.

By altering your browser's cookie settings, you can also prevent it from accepting cookies at all. These options are typically located in your browser's "options" or "preferences" menu.   Alternatively, you can use your browser's "Help" feature or one of the links that are provided below.

Useful links

The following links may be helpful if you'd want to learn more about cookies, privacy, and their use online:


How Do We Use Cookies

  • If we decide to alter our cookie policy, we'll provide the updated information here. We will request your consent before using your data in any new ways, if required by law, or provide you with a way to say no.

  • Changes made to this cookie policy to date.

  • The cookie policy underwent its most current revisions on:

  • 5th April 2023

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